Friday, October 15, 2010

Annual Geography Festival

This year's Geography Festival marks our 4th year to participate. Everyone in the group always looks forward to this yearly event. In years past we have presented Japan, Brazil and the state of Georgia. This year obviously from the above photo was Denmark. The main reason Grace chose Denmark was that the man that created Legos is from Denmark. It was kind of crazy learning about Denmark right now because in geography at home we are also studying a couple of months long unit on South America and we are participating in the Passport to India project.
Any way, here is her complete display. She created the country's flag out of Legos and did another display of Legos just for the fun of it. Each family brings a dish from their country. Us being a dessert family brought Danish sugar cookies, they were all gone by the end of the evening. Grace and her dad also set up a slide show of photos of Denmark on the laptop.

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Leslie said...

Great job! I love the display items. This looks like a lot of fun!