Sunday, October 17, 2010

Multiple Thoughts

  • Over the past couple of weeks I have been reading some great books and have many others on hold to come from library. One I just finished was Depletion and Abundance which really made me stop and think about alot. Now I am reading Choosing Simplicity, Real People Finding Peace and Fulfillment in a Complex World, which was recommended to me by one of my readers. Really enjoying it also, lots of stories about how other families have chosen to live a simple life and how they achieved their goals.
  • We may have something exciting and different happening with my husband's work schedule in the next few weeks. Hubby is a talented artist and very creative. This past year he has really pushed to finish pieces and get them in to the two galleries that represent him. He wants to take it further and try to be represented in some of the bigger galleries in Atlanta. To accomplish this he needs more time to do his art. Well, a new schedule at work may be in his horizon that will let him accomplish this. This new schedule would put him home four days a week and working three days over the weekend. He has a five year plan. In this five year plan all our debt will be paid off except the house and he will be free to be home and do his art all the time. Maybe just get a part time job here in town (currently commutes 1 hr 15m each way to work) to cover some of the bills. Looking forward to him be home more and hope this works out.
  • Currently have not turned the AC/Heat unit on in three and a half weeks. Loving it. The weather has been great. We have had to fire up the wood stove a couple of mornings to get the chill out of the air. Also hung all the clothes to dry this week. Hoping next electric bill will be down another 40.00. Lots of baking needs accomplished this week.
  • We have a full schedule this week with two days of drama, group drawing class, private drawing class, pottery class, and a possible doctor's appt. Lots of school work to do too. Speaking of school work, I have been racking my brain about a foreign language to order for Grace to dabble in. I say dabble, because I don't want to do anything heavy until we can actually count it for a credit in High School. Been looking at Hey Andrew, Teach Us Some Greek and decided to order yesterday. Grace is really in to Ancient Greece right now due to her reading the Percy Jackson series so I thought it would be a great fit. Also order a Home Ec. workbook to get started on teaching some life skills.
  • Speaking of ordering - did some online Christmas shopping yesterday. Each of the kids will get three presents for Christmas. Purchased two for Grace yesterday. Travis is harder. What do you buy a 20 yr. old that can buy most of his stuff for himself. Lots of thought will need to go into his.


The Zoo Keeper said...

We've always been on the 3 present rule and we limit to about $100.00 per person. Once Julia got older, she started wanting more expensive items. When she wants something that is $100 she understands that she gets one present and that's okay with her.

Annie Kate said...

I love reading simplicity books. Perhaps because I so desperately want to simplify but can't figure out how to do it. LOL

One of the most insightful ones I've read was More with Less. Although the author is not a Christian, a lot of his ideas work for me.


Annie Kate

Annie Kate said...

Oops, I got that wrong. (Blushing!) More with Less is one of our favorite cookbooks; the book I meant in the previous comment was The Power of Less.

Annie Kate