Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Struggling with Modest Clothing

Normally the only shorts I allow Grace to wear are shorts that are right above the knee and no tank tops. She started volleyball camp yesterday in our church gym that has no air in temps of high 80's and low 90's. When I picked her up yesterday she was red from head to toe and sweating alot. Today I made the decision to go to walmart in the exercise clothing section and pick her a few items out that will hopefully keep her a little cooler. Because after volleyball camp, in August they will start in to full fledged practices until games begin in September. We have at least 2-3 more months of really warm temps living here in the South. So I did pick her out two pair of shorts that are shorter than I would have liked and two tank top type work out shirts. I also purchased some sports bras. When she put them on it just looked like so much skin showing. I decided to go ahead and get them because there are only girls present at these practices.


The Zoo Keeper said...

Same here. Julia has to wear a shirt over her tank tops or camis. Nothing that allows the bra to show. But, there are only girls there and it is athletic. She'll feel uncomfortable (self-conscious) in them and won't want to wear them anywhere else.. She looked really cute Sunday in that dress and she has grown into such a mature young lady. Zach said, "she's not as mature a me." To which we responded, "Uh, much more than you buddy!"

Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

It's really hard isn't it? My daughter won't wear shorts, preferring capri's, but I do allow her to wear tank tops now- if they have wide straps, aren't low cut and aren't too tight. IF she can find one in that category, okay. That was a no-no in Ohio, but it's just incredibly hot here in Alamabama and my daughter seems to be a bit more warm blooded than the rest of us. I've found that tank tops need to be "approved" on a case by case basis because they aren't all recreated equal, some are more revealing than others.

Glad to read that your eye has improved and that you are feeling better! Blessings!:)