Saturday, July 17, 2010

Outdoor Activities and Rain

This morning before it got to hot me and Grace went over to a friend's house to pick blueberries. We could on pick from one set of bushes due to yellow jackets nests in the ground around the rest of the bushes. After suffering this week through an infection on my face from a bug bite I was not taking that chance. Overall we picked about 5 cups worth of blueberries. For us that it an okay amount. Mostly we use them in muffins and smoothies. There were many more of the bush that had not ripened yet so we may still be able to get more. After blueberry picking we headed to the grocery store and picked up a few supplies to last us through the week until I can get big groceries on Friday when we get paid. Unfortunately there will not be much cooking going on this week for dinner due to scheduling. We have to leave volleyball camp at 5:00 and be at dress rehearsals at 6:00. Not enough time in there to head home and cook and can't wait to eat dinner later because we won't arrive home until 9:30. So I see alot of McDonalds in our future for the next week or so.
While we were grilling out hamburgers for lunch today we spotted these flowers that were covered with all kinds of bees. Decided to try a camera shot and actually ended up with a bumble bee with his pollen pouches full.

Progress on the chicken coop is slow. Mostly because of hubby's work schedule and rain. We did finish laying the floor, which is perforated sheet metal with tiny holes in it and tacked to the wood around the edge. This should keep any predators from crawling under and in to the coop. We also were able to start hanging the chicken wire until a deluge of rain came and pushed us indoors. Hopefully will be able to work on it some more tomorrow.

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Tanya said...

It's taking shape all right! These things never happen in the blink of an eye so keep plodding and you'll be there before you know it.