Friday, July 16, 2010

A Few Updates

If you remember me posting about our local children's librarian, she will be having surgery on Monday to remove a brain lesion that has spread from her breast cancer. Please keep Sally in your prayers.

I am still recovering from the infection on my face, and we don't really know what caused it. Maybe a bug bite, maybe a small scratch. Meds will be finished on Monday, if no better, I guess back to the doctor again. It is healing, just really slowly.

Practices continue. Tonight was the fifth practice this week, three hours each time. The good thing is everything is becoming second nature for all the actors and starting to look really good.
I saw on the community theater's website that they will be performing The Best/Worst Christmas Pageant Ever. This book is soooo good, we might do auditions for it also. Of course first I need to find out performance dates for her regular drama group and make sure it doesn't interfere and that Grace really wants to go through another big production.

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Frances said...

I will be praying for your librarian.

I hope your infection heals soon. I once got an staph infection on my face from a scratch. It was awful!