Thursday, July 15, 2010

Busy Week

Such a busy week so far. Play practice every night. Had to go to the doctor again yesterday for my eye. Still swelling alot, especially in the mornings, she thinks it is improving, just slowly. Lots of draining under the skin, so probably 3-4 more days of swelling. Hopefully today it won't be as painful. Cold compresses help keep the swelling down.

Last day of camp this morning for Grace which she is bummed about. Would love it if she could go for another week. After lunch a neighborhood kid is coming over to play for a couple of hours then off to art class. Back home for a quick, early dinner and then off to another three hour practice for Wizard of Oz.

Tomorrow is a little more relaxed. Going to a friend's house to swim and hang out before heading out to practice. Looking forward to blueberry picking Saturday morning and some R & R over the weekend. No practices on the weekends until performance dates.


All American x5 said...

I love picking blueberries. Have fun swimming and with all that hard work being put into that play, I bet it will be awesome!

Frances said...

I want to pick blueberries! I will have to see if any farms in our area have any.