Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another Performance Down

Last night was the Friday night performance and it was a sold out show. One of our local banks held a reception after the performance for the cast, families and audience. Buffet style food with the cutest cupcakes styled for The Wizard of Oz. Wish I had taken some pics of them to show off. The top photo is of course Glenda the good witch. Beautiful dress. Everyone wanted to take pictures with her. Grace is in our costume as an Oz person.
Of course this little one is the actual star of the show. This is Toto played flawlessly by Hatsumomo. Toto belongs to one of the co-directors of the play. He is in the entire play most of the time being held by Dorothy. Very sweet, calm and for the most part does what is asked of him on stage. Two more days of performances before a break for three days. Looking forward to eating dinner at home with the rest of the family.


Tracy said...

Wow! How amazing! Grace looks beautiful! I bet you are all having a wonderful time with this!

The Zoo Keeper said...

Toto is incredible. I've never seen a dog so calm; you'd almost think he's sedated!