Thursday, July 22, 2010

Finally Here!

Last night was our final dress rehearsal that we actually performed for a non paying audience. I was back stage the entire time but from what everyone said it went well. The play takes 2 1/2 hours to perform and Grace is in 5 separate scenes. In these pics the girls had already finished the Munchkin scenes and were waiting to perform their Oz dance when the main characters reach the land of Oz. The girls were playing a game while waiting. Lots of waiting involved. Past two night didn't get home until 10. Tonight is opening night and the show doesn't start until 7:30 which means we won't get home until 10:30. But she is loving every minute of it.
This week has also been volleyball camp. So we get one hour in between volleyball and leaving for the theater. Grace thinks volleyball is great and is so excited that she gets to play on a team this year. It has been very hot and very exhausting do all this together. Today will be the last day of volleyball camp. She is missing her dad a bit because by the time we get home he has already had to go to bed. He gets up so early each morning for work it can't be helped. Unfortunately it will probably be Saturday before she actually gets to spend some time with him.
I also wanted to give a quick update about Sally our librarian. Her surgery went very well and she was only in ICU one day. All her fine motor skills are good and she even called the library the next day to give an update on herself. Still waiting to know results on the lesion, if it is the cancer or not. Everyone please keep praying.


The Zoo Keeper said...

Grace was Great! Thanks for the tickets. Abby LOVED it.

Chris said...

How exciting! I don't know if you mentioned this already, but what part did she play in the production?