Monday, July 12, 2010

Another Doctor Visit

Yesterday the area below my eye was swollen again and this morning. Burning, stinging, pressure all along my face with swollen lymph nodes on my face and neck. Felt like being hit in the face a few times. Got in to the doctor this afternoon, diagnosed with a infection unsure of origin, small scratch, bug bite, who knows. Put on predinisone and keflex. I am just hoping the pred. dose I took this afternoon will relieve some of the pressure by tomorrow. It is hard to walk around with a swollen face.

On a lighter note Grace started another camp today and will be participating for the remainder of the week. Monday - Friday, three hours a night will be Wizard of Oz practice. Next week we start performances. It is all coming together. Should be a good show.

Starting back on my diet tomorrow. I have gained back 7 of the 14 pounds I lost just six months ago. No exercising until my face clears up - just don't have the energy.


Chris said...

How awful! I will be praying for you.

legendswife said...

Oh my! I'm so....sorry to hear your feeling bad. I had something like this to and turned out it was a staph infection on my face (and let me tell ya, my face was so swollen I looked liked an abused spouse). Your in my thoughts and prayers that God can strengthen your body and that you'll be able to overcome this sickness soon!

:)God Bless