Friday, July 23, 2010

Opening Night

Last night was finally opening night for The Wizard of Oz. Everyone in the cast performed great. It is exhausting and alot of waiting backstage but after two months of practices we can finally see that all the hard work has paid off. I snapped some pics after the performance last night of the main characters with Grace. Of course Grace had already changed out of her costumes. The young woman playing Dorothy is just incredible. She just graduated from High School this year. Such a kind, sweet girl too.
Okay, this crazy gang is Tin Man, Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion. All great actors too. Lots of fun to be around. The guy playing Scarecrow is a bundle of energy always moving and doing prat falls.

Until recently like alot of other people in the cast I have just been calling Christy the Wicked Witch until I learned her name a couple of days ago. She is great at this part but so not a wicked witch, very nice person. All of the folks in the play have been great. It has been great meeting all of them.
One performance down and 8 more to go. Back to the theater tonight, tomorrow and Sunday before we get a three day break. Haven't been getting home till 10:30 each night. Still need to get a picture with Glenda the Good Witch in her costume. Very beautiful!
Somthing interesting I discovered in the program with all the cast's bios was that three of the ballet dancers and five of the munchkin cast members are all home schooled.


Frances said...

How exciting! It is so great to see all the practice pay off. The Wicked Witch looks fabulous!

Chris said...

I'm not surprised quite a few cast members were homeschooled. Those kids usually have much more time to follow their interests and become very good at what they do. That is one of the main reasons my kids won't be attending school. And because we love spending so much time together, too!