Monday, October 19, 2009

Zoo Atlanta

We went to Zoo Atlanta yesterday and stayed all day. Had a blast! It was cold when we first arrived and stayed jacket weather throughout the day. I have included only a portion of the pictures we actually took. I will not bore you with every single pic. The guy in the first picture, we just watched forever. So busy and so fun.
Figured I should at least include some of Grace.

This is a Komado Dragon and he was huge. Never seemed to move a muscle while we were watching.
So cute!!! We love otters.
Funny pic.

Zoo Atlanta is famous for its Gorilla habitat. Willy B was the famous gorilla who put us on the map before he passed away. We are also well known for our Pandas but I didn't take any pictures of them because they were all sleeping.

Who doesn't like Meerkats?

This was Grace's favorite place in the entire zoo. The parakeet aviary. Hundreds of parakeets flying all of the place and landing on you to eat. She went back here twice. It was a wonderful day, so glad we made the trek out to do it as we are about 2 hours away.


Unknown said...

beautiful pictures!

The Correspondent said...

What a fun day!

I love the otters, too. :-)