Sunday, October 25, 2009

Celebration of LIfe

As I mentioned in a previous post little Katie passed away this week. Her parents did not want to have a traditional funeral. They did have private gravesite service earlier in the day. Everyone was invited to a local park for a Celebration of Life Picnic this afternoon. Before Katie died she had collected beads from all over the world and was going to have a beading birthday party a few weeks ago but ended up in the hospital instead. They took all these beads and had people make jewelry, there were scrapbooking tables and people were encouraged to bring photos and make pages for the family. The family were big Bluegrass fans and in their small community they meet every Saturday for fellowship, music, and fun. People sang today and there were many people that stood up to tell wonderful stories about Katie. There are not words to describe how special this child was - compassionate, caring, loving, affectionate, never had a bad word about anything. Even up till the end she was such an inspiration to everyone who knew her. It was a great day but also a very hard day.

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Leslie said...

This sounds like a wonderful celebration of a truly heartbreaking situation. I'm praying for the family and all who loved Katie.