Friday, October 30, 2009

Another Rainy Day But Fun

Today was lots of fun, at least for the adults. Me and my mom went off for the day. Hubby was off and stayed home with Grace. We took the day off from school. I had a little extra money and wanted to do some Christmas shopping. I had given my mom a lunch out for Mother's Day back in May but she was still recovering from radiation treatments and her appetite wasn't the greatest. So today I took her for her Mother's Day lunch to Chili's and it was really good. I ended up getting alot accomplished. I was able to cross two neices, one nephew, and most of Grace's presents off my list. My kids have been warned that this is a tight year and only three presents apiece, and I don't mean $100 each. This year we drew names amongst the adults and that will help. On my hubby's side of the family last year we didn't do presents for adults, might be the same this year. Hubby and Grace carved the pumpkin today (better late than never) and watched Monsters vs. Aliens. They also went up to the church to help with some of the set up for our Fall Festival which is tomorrow. We are about to go back over to my mom's house for dinner - bque - yum! Once I get home I need to make brownies and blondies for the cake walk tomorrow. We also still have to make a cookie cake in the shape of Georgia for our Geography Festival on Monday. Lots to do.

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Leslie said...

Congrats on being so productive!!! I wish I could say the same. I'd love to get Christmas shopping done early this year too!

Thanks for your prayers and encouragment of me. I do appreciate it!