Sunday, October 4, 2009

Taking it on the Road

Recently I have been looking at blogs of families that travel year round in RVs. It really sounds great. No real obligations, moving whenever you want, lots of field trip choices, and getting to see all of the USA. I have never been further then Kentucky to the North and Florida to the South, there is so much out there to see. But then I think about our dogs, cats, rabbit, fish, house, stuff. family, friends, church.... and it just seems an overwelming task to try and take on. My husband is an artist and has always wanted to take his wares on the road. The arts and crafts festival circuit is something that we are really looking in to. At this point he is building up his inventory slowly and hopefully in the Spring of 2010 we might start visiting some festival and shows. I am thinking maybe that is how we will start traveling more and seeing more of the U.S. Three day weekends here and there to wet our feet. The future plan would be to get all debt paid off and do this full time. As it is right now hubby has a job that requires a 1 hour and 15 minute commute each way but only 4 days a week. These blogs I have been reading just really inspire me to do something different and think outside of the box. I know if any of my family reads this they will think I have lost my mind, but still....

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