Monday, October 26, 2009

What We Accomplished Today

We have been studying Da Vinci and this cathedral was in the kit I recently purchased. Grace and her dad worked on it this afternoon and got it finished.
This is my baby!

This is Grace's baby, Fernando. We raised him from a sick 4 wk old kitten that was left out to fend for himself.
Here was our other work:
Science- We have gone back to our Zoology book and with it being Halloween we started the chapter on bats. Read four pages of the introduction.
Math - Continued on with 9 problems of long division out of our Making Math Meaningful workbook.
Art - Put together Da Vinci's cathedral.
History - Started reading a book about Eli Whitney.
Spelling - Started a new word list and played a couple of games on
Typing - Next lesson for 15 minutes.
Writing - Had her choose an animal out of our big animal book, read about it and write a one paragraph report on it.
P.E. - Grace went on a walk with her dad.
I baked my first apple pie today. Me being on a diet I cannot try it tonight. I actually baked it for a dinner we are having at my mom's house tomorrow to plan the upcoming Thanksgiving Holidays. Hopefully it will be tasty.


The Correspondent said...

I love that cathedral kit. I've seen those before, but haven't yet bought one.

A couple of my kids used Making Math Meaningful, too!

The apple pie sounds yummy!

prayingmother said...

Wow! I would say you had a very successful day. I love your Cathedral kit!


Leslie said...

Very neat cathedral! Sounds like you had a very productive day!