Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Typical Tuesday

I see all the time on other blogs what a typical day looks like in other homeschooling families, well, here is what a typical Tuesday looks like in ours.

8:00 I wake up and drink a can of slim fast while perusing through some blogs.
8:30 Grace wakes up and changes to my bed until I put something on Netflix live for her to watch.
8:45 I take a bath and get ready to leave the house.
9:15 Grace eats breakfast and starts getting ready to leave the house.
10:00 Arrive at Trinity for three fine arts classes.
10:00 Chorus for 45 minutes.
10:45 Drama for 45 minutes - currently working on Willy Wonka.
11:30 Lunch
12:00 Handicrafts for 45 minutes - currently working on Christmas crafts.
1:00 Arrive home and take a break for awhile - watching TV , computer work, visiting with hubby/daddy, playing with pets.
2:00 Started doing some book work - Bible, Math, Spelling, Grammar, History, Geography game on computer, and Georgia History.
4:15 Finish with work and go to our seperate corners. lol
5:00 Go to library to pick up a couple of on hold books then stop at McDonalds for dinner.
6:00 Go to grandparents for a visit.
7:15 Arrive home and Grace gets on Horse Isle.
9:00 Start getting ready for bath and bed.
10:00 Grace's reading time for 30 minutes.

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