Friday, October 23, 2009

Misc Pics

As promised this is the finished product from our Solar System Study. We learned about planets, sun, moon, rockets, asteriods, comets, and the landing on the moon.
Grace and Scott took this photo while out jogging yesterday.


prayingmother said...

I love the Solar System model. I want to make one of those someday (even if my kids don't...I just have too much fun with that kind of thing)


crazy4boys said...

Where did you get instructions to make the solar system model? Did you just make it up as you go (I'm not nearly crafty enough for that). Also, what are books are you using to study the solar system/space?

Diane said...

Our main book for the Solar System was a fact book from the Magic Tree House Series. The kit was purchased at Wal-mart back in the craft dept. All the parts for the planets were included. Everything else we used from what we had at home. Each chapter that we studied something was added to the display. My daughter drew alot of it and some was cut out of fancy glitter paper.