Monday, October 12, 2009

3rd Art/Composer Class

This week's artist is Leonardo Da Vinci. We read a short bio about his life and learned some interesting things. Da Vinci drew many sketches and he loved taking things apart and drawing them. Our first project was first to draw the vcr tape while it was intact and then take it apart and draw its inner workings. The girls really got in to this.
Next we learned that at 14 Da Vinci went to apprentice with a well known artist in Florence. He became friends with a very wealthy family that had a private zoo. Da Vinci like to go to the zoo and sketch the animals. So the next project was picking an animal to draw.

Last week we learned about Bach, today I decided we would listen to his music again while we were working.

In the 1960's the Mona Lisa was insured for 100 million dollars. In todays market that would be more like 670 million dollars.


Tonya said...

Did you know that the High Museum of Art in Atlanta has a da Vinci exhibit right now? We had hoped to see it on our last visit, but had to skip it. Anyway, I did contact the museum and if you show your letter from your school district proving that you homeschool you can get the educators rate for an annual pass, it's only $80 instead of the normal rate of $150. Blessings! Enjoyed the post!:)

Leslie said...

What a fun way to study art! I'm woefully lacking in this department! Thanks for sharing your creative ideas!