Friday, July 10, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up - Gearing Up for the School Year

It has been a good little while since I have participated with the Weekly Wrap Up, mainly because with a high school student in the mix there really isn't much to discuss. Everything is the same every week/month. Same subjects each and every day. Until my tutor students return not much going on in the school house, but lots of planning and preparing is going on. For me not only do I have a daughter going into the 11th grade, I also have 3-4 tutoring students to prepare lessons and curriculum, 87 Cooperative students, and volleyball practices. There are little details being handled on a daily basis.

Volleyball - Practices began this week for Grace and she is absolutely loving it. She loves the game, her teammates, and her coaches. This is all new for her as she has never played a team sport before. Four day week practices will continue until October with games beginning at the end of August.

Jazzercise - For the past 6 - 12 months we have exercised at home together (walking, treadmill, yoga, and YouTube exercise videos). When my beloved Zumba instructor became ill and then moved away - Zumba just wasn't the same for me anymore. When Grace started volleyball that took my workout partner away and forced me to make some decisions. I tried a Jazzercise class to see what their new branding was all about (I was a Jazzercise member for two years before Zumba) on Monday. I liked it and even saw some of my former Zumba classmates there. This week I went Monday - Thursday after dropping Grace off at her 2 1/2 hour practices. It works beautifully for now. When November hits and she is finished we will reevaluate.

Tutoring Students - I met with a new family this week that is interested in joining my other three tutoring students. I am praying about it. At the same time I continue to plan for the new year for my other three tutoring students.

Cooperative - This one is a full time job and summer is the same. We continue to register a new family here and there. Current total is 87 kids. I am working on class lists, student schedule cards, creating my lessons plans for Theatre 101 and High School Drama, research for new sound equipment, planning the Meet and Greet scheduled for the first week of August, and so on.

High School Homeschool - This is mostly a facilitator position. I need to make sure Grace has everything she needs to be successful in some of her first classes outside of the home (Geometry and Chemistry). She has always taken classes outside of the home, but with Geometry and Chemistry it will be a little harder and much more time management as science and math are definitely her weaknesses. The only class I really have to set up is Economics and then Government in January.

Human Taxi Cab Driver - This has been a very busy summer with bi-weekly doctor appointments, back and forth to friends homes, spend the night gatherings, summer events, birthday parties, swimming at the lake, etc. So not just work this summer, but also lots of fun.

As you can see no real rest for the weary. It is one month exactly before it all begins again in earnest. Looking forward to seeing all the kids again.

This is a picture we took a couple of springs ago on the property of a close friend that let us use their barn for the Cooperative's Spring Formal.

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Dawn said...

You are a busy mama. It looks like a great school year is shaping up in your neck of the woods.
Blessings, Dawn