Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Getting Ready for the New School Year

Just now starting to plan out some school things. Top on the list today was rearranging the upstairs school room to accommodate one more tutoring student. It is a small room, but I was able to get four desks in the room plus mine. Everyone has their own space. Luckily the private school that houses my Cooperative is trying to sell some items they are no longer using. I was very happy to purchase a 10 dollar wooden desk. Also purchased, but not home yet, are three older computers. One for Grace, and two for the school room. Twenty dollars each for the keyboard, tower, and flat screen monitor. This will come in so handy for online review products and the Teaching Textbooks CDs.

I am also slowly starting on lesson plans for my two theatre classes at the Cooperative, and wrapping my head around the curriculum for my tutoring students. This year's curriculum is mostly items I used in the past with Grace, but still excited to use them again. Planning for Grace will be a breeze. Economics, Easy Grammar, Maries Words (Vocabulary), and some American History reading material to round out her credit for 10th grade. Looking forward to a stupendous year all the way around.

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