Saturday, July 4, 2015

I Thought Summer Time Was Supposed to be Slower

I really thought this summer was going to be slower. Guess what?? Nada. Not even one little bit. I have not stopped. Between catching up on paperwork like end of the year assessments and left over schoolwork I have also been planning the new semester for the Cooperative in August. Casting scripts, planning lessons for my tutoring students, doctor's appointments, organizing and decluttering my house, swimming, being nearly a daily taxi cab driver, taking care of daily chores, hanging out with lots of friends, and so on. With volleyball practices starting next week it will get even busier. I cannot believe that half of the summer is already gone.

In my defense I do enjoy being busy. If left with too much time on my hands I not only get bored but my natural tendency toward anxiety will rear its ugly head. So busy = happy momma. At least my life. I hope everyone else is having a great summer and getting some relaxation in before starting school again in a month.

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~kathy said...

Ditto. What you said. I miss the easy, breezy summer days of my childhood. I'd head out in the morning on bike and not return home til the streetlights came on. I'd spend my days at friend's houses, exploring in the woods or by the river, or at the park swimming in the pool or playing a pick-up game of basketball.

Every September, I say, "Next summer will be different." Then June rolls around... Ugh. Pool parties, campouts, Scout events, sports, and so on. I can't really plan the next school year til we end the last so I spend too many of those glorious summer days pouring over catalogs and buying books on ebay.

BUT, next year, next year will be different ;)