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TOS Review - Dynamic Literacy - WordBuild Elements, Level 1 Set

JazzEdge  Review
I don't know about you, but around this household we love finding interesting ways to study vocabulary. Even though we haven't studied a true Latin program in our home we have used various products that included some Latin and Greek root word training. Recently I have seen a word used more and more that I have to admit I'd never heard before - MORPHEMES. Maybe I've just been living under a rock!, but morphemes are basically the core parts that build a word. When WordBuild: Elements, Level 1 Set from Dynamic Literacy came up for a review, I knew it was something we needed to investigate.
JazzEdge  Review
For this review we received three physical products: teacher's edition, student workbook, and WordBuild the Game, which make up the Elements Level 1 Set. Currently this set is retailing for $99.99 and is recommended for grades 6 - 10. Dynamic Literacy has another level available for younger students grade 2 - 5. The student workbook is consumable, but the game can be used for multiple students.
Dynamic Literacy has created a unique and effective way to train and help improve in the areas of language, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. Their program is based on learning how to decipher and build words starting with Greek and Latin root words. Add in the prefixes and suffixes, then one word turns into multiple words. Learn 50 root words, add in the extras and BAM your student has learned enough words to fill up a spiral notebook. That is a pretty awesome feat for a student to accomplish in just 15 minutes a day of study. Oh yeah, did I mention that this program is based on only 15 minutes of work a day, five days a week.
JazzEdge  Review
Our review product, Elements Level 1 assumes and recommends that your child already have a basic understanding and mastery of phonics as well as how to use prefixes and suffixes. Once your child finishes with Level 1, you will find a level 2 and 3 for more advanced work.
The student workbook is 127 pages long with an appendix in the back that includes bingo games and advance preparation worksheets. In the beginning of the workbook you will find a short article that is an overview about our language which is very informative and enjoyable. I love reading history about the English language. Then each lesson is setup the very same with worksheets teaching a new root word: Root Squares, Magic Squares, Stair Steps, Comprehension Booster, and My Word Wall. Each individual page is to be used 15 minutes a day. Short and Sweet, but packing a powerful punch. It was very easy to hand this off to my high school student for individual work. The worksheets are set up in a sequence that allows the student to become familiar with the root and the different words that come from it on into defining, review, and comprehension.
The teacher's edition is just .... wow! Full of all kinds of information to relay to your student: What to teach, activities, discussion, extended learning, demonstrations, answers to each page, and more. Quite frankly there was so much here it seemed a little overwhelming to me. This wasn't just one or two pages for each weekly lesson, but for every day/page(worksheet) equaling five days a week and a check-up at the end. The teacher' edition is a must for this program and should not be skipped.
Also included in our review product is WordBuild the Game. The game can be used for the student to review what they have learned and have a little fun in the process. In the game the student chooses a root word and starts building words by adding prefixes, suffixes, and other root words. This can be timed or not and used by multiple students. The game came to us as a CD.
We used this product 3-5 times a week to round out Grace's 10th grade English credit. She found the program challenging and a little frustrating because in her words, "Her brain doesn't exactly work that way and it was difficult at times to come up with many words in the opening activity". She also thought it was a very useful educational tool that taught her a lot in the short time she used it. To be honest I have to agree with her assessment. The program is challenging, unique, and very educational.
Dynamic Literacy has been gracious enough to offer my readers 25 percent off books and 10 percent off WordBuildonline by using the code cabin. Be sure to also check out the reviews from the other TOS Crew Members.

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A Candle to Read By said...

This looks really interesting. As a Latin teacher, I think one of the biggest challenges I face is that fact that students don't understand WORDS--not just their meanings, but also their parts of speech. I bet this program would be a great boost to English grammar as well as vocabulary.