Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fellow Coffee Addicts Please Stand Up

I came into the coffee addiction late in the game. Only two short years ago did I really start drinking coffee. Since then I have graduated to frappes, iced coffee, and a regular cup of joe nearly every day at home. I use it more for snacks or treats than I do for the caffeine. Well all those frappes and iced coffees start to add up after awhile. Today I had a brainstorm.

Make some really strong coffee, put them in cute little ice cube trays, then plop them in the freezer for a few hours.

I ended up with many cute shaped coffee flavored ice. Now I can add them to my milk and make my own iced coffees. Or I can put them in the blender to try my hand at a frappe. Also the coffee flavored ice cubes will keep my iced coffee very flavorful unlike adding ice to the coffee itself, which it then waters down.

Had me one tonight and YUM! My name is Diane and I am a addicted to coffee!

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Unknown said...

Not addicted to coffee....but chocolate? Yep, that's me!