Thursday, June 25, 2015

My Love for Compass Classroom

Last year I was introduced to a company that was completely new to me through reviewing one of their products. This company is Compass Classroom. They offer many different types of products and continue to add new exciting educational tools often. I am starting a series about a few of the products I have used from this company. Yes, a few of them I received the for free for my opinions, but I have also continued to purchase materials on my own from them as well. Today we have finished the American History by Dave Raymond for a 10th grade credit. I am collecting my thoughts and will hopefully have a post ready tomorrow on this product. Both the review I did on the product last summer when we had just begun using it and now after a whole year. What did we like, was there anything we didn't like, and as a homeschooling family what did we tweak to make it work for us. As well as what my daughters thoughts were after using it for an entire year.

Today I want to talk about a product I used specifically for me as encouragement for next year with my tutoring students and also somewhat with my daughter who will begin her 11th grade year in August. This product is Homeschool Made Simple by Carol Joy Seid.  This is a workshop that is 8 segments long full of encouragement for moms whether you are a veteran or new homeschooling family. I have strived through the years to include lots of good literature in our home (sometimes I have failed and at times succeeded) and have it be the center of most of our learning. That is what Carol Joy Seid is teaching through this workshop.

I literally spent two afternoons watching video after video. It reminded me why I started homeschooling in the first place and gave me lots of encouragement to keep doing what I am doing. Topics that she covers are revolve around learning your subjects through literature, building character in your children, what a typical day looks like, and so much more.
Carol is a joy to watch and listen. My afternoons spent listening to her workshop were rejuvenating and so encouraging. This is a very economical series to purchase and watch over and over again.

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LJS said...

Through you I found CC and I love their products as well. I am eagerly awaiting your history review because we plan to use it next year, as well as the Grammar of Poetry.