Friday, February 12, 2010

School Update

I have been posting so much lately about our new frugal lifestyle that I haved missed some posts on school. As I mentioned before we started a lapbook about the Ancient Greeks and the Olympics. The above book was borrowed from the library and Grace has really enjoyed the activities in it. The next two pics are hands on crafts from the book (the symbol for doctors which is still used today was started in ancient greece, the mask was used in theaters for performing).

We also just finished our Social Insects unit for our Zoology book. Today Grace wrote a notebooking page to sum up what we had been reading about bees over the past two weeks.

It has just started snowing, hopefully we will get the 1 -3 inches that is being forcasted. I know that is nothing to all you folks up north with 30-50 inches, but we really want some snow.


Kelly Rhoades said...

I finally posted some more! Finally had time and felt like it. I like that Olympics book. I'll have to remember all of the stuff you used. I printed off some of one of the state park things and think that I can arrange some things for us all to do next year.

Jessica said...

So, in the last few days I've wondered why your posts never show up in my Reader--I just realized I hadn't "Followed" you yet! Now I'm signed up to follow your blog!

Thanks for stopping by & celebrating my cancer news!! I'm keeping your mama in my thoughts every day--and can't wait to hear similar GOOD news!!