Saturday, February 13, 2010


It has been teasing us for weeks, flurries here, 1/2 an inch there, but finally we got some real snow. A whopping three inches. To us here in Georgia that is a good snow. It was all gone by mid afternoon, but the kids had a blast. We might be looking at some more wintery stuff in the next couple of days.

While the family was out in the snow, I baked another loaf of bread, caught up on some episodes of TV programs on the computer. If you haven't checked out please have a look. You might find something free to watch. I also crocheted a couple of more washclothes, and three coasters. Tonight was our church's annual Valentine's Banquet. Grace was asked to be a server. She had a really good time and got $15.00 in tips. We decided to skip the banquet this year and went out for a quiet dinner for two at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Our heat is still out but we are doing just fine using the wood stoves. I have two birthdays for men coming up in the month of March. If anybody out there has any ideas for gifts that I could make or thrift, give me a hollar and let me know. I am trying this year to make all gifts or thrift. Purchasing nothing new if possible.


Bronwyn said...

We finally got snow today too! It was a treat. Glad Grace enjoyed the Valentine's Banquet and you got to have a dinner for two. Sounds wonderful!

Tanya Murray said...

How breathtakingly beautiful it looks with the snow all about.

Amy @ Cheeky Cocoa Beans said...

Beautiful pics! We are also in GA and enjoyed the few inches of snow we got. And I also enjoyed the fact that it's already gone. :)

Please don't let my husband ever find that Hulu site...we may never see him again... ;)

Tammy said...

Crocheted or knitted slippers or scarves or hats?

How about a coupon book? A batch of homemade cookies of their choice, a day off from chores, a date with mom (or wife), etc.

Men are hard to make gifts for! lol.