Saturday, February 6, 2010

My New Frugal Life

Today I went thrifting. I am really trying to stick to the plan of not buying anything new for the next few months. This book is a huge time line of the world and it was 2.95.
I have been collecting baskets recently for the purpose of using them to give gifts in such as baked goods. These were 1.00 each.

This is my new jar to use for homemade cookies and sweets. The jar was 3.00. I was looking at a ceramic canister set for 18.00 but thought that was too much. I really need one to store all the flour, sugar, etc. that I am using now for cooking from scratch. Depending on what the monthly bonus is will determine if I go back and get it in a couple of weeks. I am not buying any cookies or sweets anymore from the store, baking all our own. I finally got the bread to start rising and here is a pic of the first one, already baked another.

Living this way is hard work. Last night we went to get groceries that need to last us for 2 weeks. I am feeding 4 people, 3 dogs, 2 cats, and a bunny. I decided I needed to start writing out a grocery list and estimate all the prices to get an idea of what we would be spending, because there wasn't much there to spend. I also wrote out a menu plan to ensure that there would be no extra trips to the store. I was pleasantly surprised to come in $20 under budge with $144.50. So that is $72.25 for the week. I have crocheted three more wash clothes. We will not be buying any more paper plates, or napkins and cutting way back on paper towels. This past year I cross stitched about 20 ornaments for gifts and never got around to making them. Couldn't find what I needed in the crafts stores to finish the gifts in an economical fashion. I had a brain storm the other day and will be getting them finished for this Christmas. I will post a pic when one is done. I have to say I am really enjoying this new lease on life and trying to find new ways to save money. Oh, almost forgot, also made more laundry detergent today.


Jamie {See Jamie blog} said...

I admire your thriftiness! We have not been as thrifty lately as we should; we need to get back to being more frugal. Your bread looks yummy, by the way!

I answered your "Fred" question in the comments on my blog. :)

Karen said...

Good for you! As a fellow tightwad, I can tell you that it isn't always easy to live like this, but it is always worth it :-)

Aknecht said...

I wish I knew how to knit to make our own kitchen cloths. I would also like to learn to make my own laundry soap. Please share your ideas. I need to be more frugal.

Tanya Murray said...

I get a lot of my crafting trim, fabrics and wool etc from the thrift shops too. It's amazing what you can find when you tilt your head and take a new look at something from a different angle.

l said...

mmm that bread looks very yummy!
I enjoy living this way too, watching what we spend, for financial reasons but for environmental reasons too.
Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Leslie said...

Good job on cutting back. We are trying to do this too. Small steps and it is really helpful to see/hear what others are doing too! Thanks for sharing.