Friday, December 13, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up - The Week of Performances and Parties

The Christmas season is always so busy. My life can certainly attest to that because the past five days we have had two performances and two Christmas parties along with some schoolwork thrown in. Grace has been sick yesterday and today so nothing really going on there.

Sunday found us hosting a Christmas party for many of the teenagers that attend our Cooperative. Most of the teens that attended are involved in the drama program. You can imagine - drama kids = lots of fun and silliness. 

Monday night we had our first night of The Aristocats. These kids are super talented and did a wonderful job. Grace helped with the stage makeup. She loved it. Grace was responsible for all the dog faces. This is why she will be taking a stage makeup class this next semester. It has become one of her new passions.

Tuesday was the second performance of the Aristocats and Grace helped again with makeup. 

On Wednesday we attended a Christmas party for Grace's traveling drama ministry group, Acts of Faith. This was a special time because one of the members had just returned from mission work in Africa for the past three months. She shared all her stories about her work and experiences with the people of Tanzania. It was great to see her home safe and sound and so happy.

On Wednesday I also worked with my friend on the resource room for our Cooperative. It was in dire need of some organization. It looks wonderful and is very ready for the new semester.

Monday - Wednesday we were also able to get a good bit of school work accomplished. In history Grace has been reading about knights, feudal life, and Alfred the Great. We are almost finished with her geography workbook and King Alfred's English. She finished one lesson and chapter test in algebra. For literature she is working her way through Divergent and I have started reading aloud the second book in the early church history series, The  Captives. We also started House of Hades this week as well. She spent a fair amount of time finishing up direct and indirect objects in her grammar book.

Thursday morning stopped us dead in our tracks. Grace has been having trouble with nausea and vomiting for months because of two different daily medications she is on. She started vomiting and I thought it was more of the same, but now we are into Friday and she continued to vomit off and on throughout the night. Guess we are actually dealing with a virus this time. Although it is not laying her out in the bed like most viruses do. But I do know that everyone is sick right now in town. Hoping today she starts feeling better. Last night I went to Zumba without her but tonight I will probably exercise at home.

Hoping she gets better by tomorrow for us to attend an event at a friend's church. I would have to say Grace's favorite thing this week was contributing to the Aristocats performance by helping with makeup. My favorite was the fellowship with all the teens and their parents.

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