Monday, December 30, 2013

Back to School With a Twist

Today found us going back to school a week earlier than planned. We started back with some of the regular schoolish things but I added in some fun stuff too. Highschoolers need fun just like the younger kids. 

Our normal stuff was half a lesson of algebra, Marie's Words for vocabulary, Bible (Grace is reading through the book of Acts), Gods World News magazine, and King Alfred's English. The not so normal stuff was brain storming ideas for her anime "zine" she will be creating. For those that don't know what a "zine" is.... it is basically a handmade magazine that can be about anything. Grace's choice of course is all things anime. The picture above will be a photo tutorial she is working on for the "Zine" about using make up in cosplay. I know the makeup is a little creepy - it is a character from a book series she reads. We also started exploring and she chose to work on the minecrafter skills. Today's challenge was creating art with Minecraft. We also did some read alouds with House of Hades and The Captives (part of the early church series from Salem Ridge Press). 

After dinner we will both be exercising and of course that counts as physical education. Yesterday we joined the local gym and got in our first workout there. It was the first time I had worked out with weight machines and free weights in a long time. Today my sides and arms are sore. Looking forward to me and Grace going about three times a week. Many folks chose a word for the year and I guess if I had to do that my word would be "Healthy". God health in all aspects of our lives - mentally, physically, and spiritually.

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Adena (aka cre82learn) said...

My daughter loves cosplay and anime and my sons love minecraft! I love incorporating them in our school as much as possible too. (