Friday, December 27, 2013

New School Stuff to Pull Us Out of the Dulldrums

The month of December has just been crazy for us for many reasons. Grace has been sick off and on, performances and Cooperative business, the holidays in general, etc. Due to all of our missed days we are starting back to school this Monday. I know, I can hear all the gasping taking place out there about going back to school before New Years Day. Isn't that the greatness of homeschooling though? We can school whenever we want. Time to play some catch up. I feel pretty sure that math and science this year will continue through the summer to finish out enough hours to count as credits for her freshman year. Enough with the normal stuff, this is a post about some things we are adding in to the new year to give us a little burst of creativity in the learning department.

  1. Exercise - We have really fallen off the wagon in this category over the past couple of months. I still get in my workouts about 4-5 days a week but Grace has all but left it by the wayside mainly due to recent health issues. She is feeling better this week and we are going to capitalize on it. Grace really doesn't enjoy Zumba like I do so I knew we needed to come up with something different for her to do and me as well to give my body something different as well. The top choice seems to be joining the local gym. Grace would much prefer to do the machines than dance. I will continue to do a mixture of the two. We plan on going to the gym tomorrow to join and go ahead with the first workout.
  2. Speech Class - Speech Class will be taught by our beloved teacher, Ms. Christy at Creative Canvas. This will count as a half credit for Grace's high school transcript. Ms. Christy always knows how to make a class fun and Grace really missed being at her studio once a week for studies and fellowship. 
  3. Mixed Media Art Class - As many of my readers know Grace is all about the art. We took a breather from this class last semester but because it is taught on the same day as her speech class we decided to go back to it. Again she loves doing the art, taking more classes from Ms. Christy, and seeing her friends.
  4. Cooperative Classes - Many different classes this go around from what Grace usually takes. This will be the first semester in four years that she did not take drama and wont be performing. A part of me is kind of sad about that. Her classes will be: stage makeup, a youth service organization, improv and theatre games, and hand built pottery. She is over the moon about the stage makeup class. We gifted her with a lot of makeup for Christmas to use at home and in the class.
  5. DIY.ORG - The website is still very new to use and was recommended by a fellow blogger over at Homeschool Girls. I am still trying to figure out how to work this in to our weekly schedule and what might appeal most to Grace.
  6. Graphic Novel - Grace recently started a story that she wants to turn into a graphic novel. I researched a little online and found some materials to help her sort through how to put one together. I will probably count this towards her english credit.
  7. Etsy Store - We are still in talks with Scott, Grace, and myself about opening up an Etsy storefront for their art work. This may not really get finished until summertime. 
  8. CREW Reviews - I was picked to join the TOS Review Crew again this year and in January will start receiving products to review. I am sure some of them will get a spark going in Grace as well.
So in my head I have to pick and choose some things that we are currently doing that are not working as well for us and replace them with some more fun things Grace might enjoy. 


Karen said...

Great plans Diane!! We are starting back Monday too. Although Keilee does things almost every day regardless. I do so hope Grace likes DIY. Tell her to comment on something of Keilee's so they can follow each other. She is KeileeT :)
I hope Grace is feeling better!

Sandra said...

With half my family away for the next ten days one of the things I'll be doing is planning our homeschooling year and hoping I can find some new things to stop us falling into the doldrums. DIY is one site I've got pinned to check out. The ornitholigists badge would certainly suit Miss 13 and she's talked about wanting to do more cooking. The baker and chef badges might give that a bit of focus. Maybe we'll see Grace over there. Hope she is feeling better this week.