Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Little School Work and Thoughts on Cooperatives

I am really hoping we can buckle down and get some schoolwork done today. The past few days have been crazy. Three practices for the elementary drama production and finalizing all the pages for the yearbook. Not to mention a cast party thrown in and two more Christmas parties to go to this week.

I love my Cooperative families. This semester we had 34 families with 65 children participating and it looks to be about the same in our upcoming semester. They are truly like a second family. We all enjoy spending time together and when Cooperative is not in session we don't know what to do with ourselves. 

I rely on a lot of people to help the Cooperative run smoothly and I couldn't do it without them. Of course it helps that we all have the same vision and want to expose our children to fine arts whenever possible. 

I would encourage anyone out there to find a really good Cooperative to attend. Not only for the classes but for the fellowship. Fellowship for your children and the parents. Our parents love each other as much as the students do.


Nicole T said...

I am jealous of your co-op! We have tried the only one in our area and there is so much back-biting by the mothers that we just didn't want to be involved anymore. Plus they always offer the same classes and we have to drive 40 minutes to get there. It was a fail for us.

Our little co-op in Oklahoma was a Fine Arts one with music, p.e., art, etc. We loved it and miss it so much!

Leigh said...

We didn't have an actual cooperative when we homeschooled but we did have a small group of families who did a lot together. We relied a lot on 4-H projects for curricula in science, home economics, shop courses, even speech.

I do want to mention the publication of my homesteading book! (I'm so excited I want to tell the whole world!) Do drop by my blog if you get a chance to help me celebrate. :)