Thursday, December 5, 2013

Favorite Homeschooling Resources Part 4 - CNN Student News

The first thing we do every morning Monday - Friday is watch CNN Student News. Mostly it is watched while eating breakfast. Grace can't get her morning started without her dose of CNN Student News with Carl Azuz.

This short 10 minute segment each morning gives Grace some insight as to some of the big news stories and issues going on in the world with a little history, current events, and funnies thrown in. CNN Student News broadcasts Monday - Friday, August through May. They take a break over the summer since most public school kids are out as well. This program is recommended for Middle and High School kids.

We simply watch the segments and discuss. What is interesting is many times when Grace's Gods World Magazine comes in she will recognize articles that have also been covered on Student News. I hope in the next several months to amp up how we use the program. Probably having Grace write paragraphs and maybe doing more research about segments from the show.

CNN Student News is truly one of the best little gems we have come across and I would recommend it to anyone with students in that age group. One more thing I really like about the show is I haven't really seen any biases which is great with kids watching. Let them form their own opinions without trying to direct them one way or the other on any particular subject matter. If you wish the website has other materials available to further what the student is watching.

Here is a sample program from August 20, 2013

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