Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I Feel Like the Christmas Season is Passing Me By

I can't believe it is only a few days until Christmas. This December I feel that we have let Christmas slowly pass us by without much music and fanfare. Many traditions we have upheld through the years are just not happening this year. Something I always look forward to each year is the Christmas Eve Candlelight service out our church. Well this year our church has been going through some major changes and there will not be a Candlelight service. Our oldest moved out on his own last year and is doing well. He will be spending the night here at home on Christmas Eve and waking up with us on Christmas morning, for that I am very thankful. But it has been a little odd not having him here as much during the month of Christmas and doing things together as a family.

Our Christmas shopping is nowhere near done. I have never been this late in purchasing Christmas presents. Financially, as it is for many other families, Christmas has been downsized. Personally the presents don't mean anything to me and my kids are really great about it.

The Cooperative's performances in the beginning of the month took up a lot of our time and it seemed like the first two weeks of December flew by in a heartbeat. We haven't gone out to look at any Christmas lights. Our house is decorated but very minimally in light of past years.

Also dealing with Grace's illness has been exhausting to say the least. Yesterday found us at the hospital because there were no doctors in town that could see her until after Christmas. Hardly any school work is getting done. Almost daily she is dealing with nausea and possibly vomiting. All blood work came back good, but still no real answers as to what is causing it. We are starting with weaning her off her anxiety medication to see if it is a side effect then the next will be food sensitivities. Who has time for Christmas planning with all this. I am ready for the New Year and I feel bad about saying that.


Nicole T said...

I'm so sorry, Diane. I just hate the holiday hum drums. Many experience it. I am praying for a little light in your days. Focus on Jesus. Hugs!

Sandra said...

I'm really hoping you can find cure for Grace's illness soon. And that you can find some Christmas spirit - although I'm struggling with that a little myself this year.

Homeschool Mom said...

We just turned in grades today,and although that is a major relief, there is something to do every day. I think we need to just make the decision to STOP the merry-go-round for a while.
Hope Grace is better soon.

Jessica said...

I understand how you are feeling and please know that you are not alone. I have said the exact same words to my husband. I have not done cards this year. I had no energy to even decorate the tree and our gorgeous Christmas Village that fills our front room feels like overwhelming clutter to me this year. We have some personal stresses that are sapping me of all my energy and spirit and I hate it. I hate feeling this way. So I focus on Jesus and on love and hope that when this holiday passes I am not left feeling like we have missed it.

Karen said...

Diane, I am so sorry you are going through this with Grace. I have been ignoring my blog and my blog friends and knew nothing about this until I saw your comment on Jess's blog. Keilee did most of the decorating this year too. I feel like I am lacking in 'Joy'. I seriously pray for it daily. I so hope that they can find out what is causing Grace's problems. About to go read some back posts. Love to you and Merry Christmas.