Monday, December 9, 2013

How To Host a Teen Christmas Party

1.  Great Fun Food - We served cookies, cake, donut snowmen, cocktail weeines, sausage balls, chips, and a cheese platter. I also created a hot cocoa bar with toppings. I was worried that I had to much food but with teenagers I shouldn't have been worried, it was all gone at the end.

2. Gift Games - Every year we play the Chinese Gift Exchange but this year I added the Right Left Twas the Night Before Christmas Game. If you are not familiar with it, Google it. 

3. Fellowship - Lots of joking around and talking. All of these kids are drama kids so that should explain them.

4. More Games - Most of the crew played Apples to Apples but a few were in the TV room playing Just Dance. 

For me it is always great to have this group over. They are fun and they keep me young. All good kids and a joy to work with. Now that I will be heading up High School Drama for our Cooperative I hope to have more of these type of parties throughout the year because the kids just love spending time together.

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