Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Youth Service Ideas

Readers I need your help. Looking for some great youth service project ideas. My brain is mush these days and could use some ideas. Just leave them in the comment section.


Ruth Dixon said...

Recently, our 4-H club has: visited a assisted living facility for seniors with our animals, but you could take cookies, read, sing, take flowers or homemade cards; we sent Christmas cards to people who were lonesome, etc; we've walked dogs at the local shelter and made loom caps for cancer patients and the homeless.

Jessica said...

Aeropostale is running their annual Teens for Jeans service project. We have done this in the past (without taking the coupon for new jeans).

Food shelters are running low this time of year. Perhaps you can run a food drive one day. When my girls were in Girl Scouts we did this outside a grocery store with pre-printed short lists of what the pantry needed most and we filled up three shopping carts! It was one of my favorite memories.

BTW - I replied to your comment about art journaling on my blog in case you did not get an email reply!

Jess @ Teachable Moments