Friday, January 4, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up - Starting Back Up

School - Well this week we started back to school on Wednesday. Grace doesn't do well with a lot of unscheduled time on her hands. We took off about 1 1/2 weeks for Christmas and had a wonderful time, even with me recovering from surgery and battling a nasty cold. In math we picked back up with our geometry book from Math Essentials. Grace and myself have had some trouble with the pages on triangles and will need to go back to review that some more while the new pages about perimeter are easy peasy. Some things we are working on and hope to finish in the next week or so are the World War I and Greek Mythology units. Trying to decide what I want to do next. I picked up a great old living book about the French Revolution that looks interesting or a unit I have about ancient history from Creek Edge Press. Also hoping to finish up our read aloud of Mark of Athena soon and pick something new to read. Although we really love Mark of Athena and will miss Percy Jackson's world. Just found out though that Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters movie will be out in August of 2013. So looking forward to that.

Health and Exercise - This is actually still going really well even though we both took a break from counting for Weight Watchers through the holidays. Neither of us gained we actually lost a couple of pounds. We broke down and bought a Wii with some of our Christmas money. The Zumba game is fab and Grace is loving Just Dance. I also got to go back to Zumba classes and am loving it. Currently I am just 4 pounds from my first 20 pound goal and Grace is 8 pounds from her 20 pound goal. At that point I will decide if I want to lose more, but Grace doesn't need to lose anymore after the 20 just maintain.

Extras - Not much going on in this department. All extra classes were on hold during the holidays and everything will start back up next week. We have auditions for Aladdin, essay class, new art class, and a new simulation science class starting all next week with a youth service meeting to boot. I am ready though. The past 2 1/2 weeks of rest have me ready to go back to it.

Art - Hubby has joined up with two more galleries to show his work which brings the total to 5 now. We will be traveling to North Carolina tomorrow to visit one of the new galleries and take some of his work to them. I am sure there will be lots of pics to share in a future post.

Since school just started up this week I will say that Zumba Wii game and Just Dance Wii games have been our favorite item this week with recommitting ourselves to more exercise in the new year.

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Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Sounds like things are going very well - so happy for you!!