Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sprouting Seeds for Chickens

What to do for greens during the winter. This is our backyard. Very wooded lot that in the summer is completely covered with shade and nothing but a lot of red Georgia clay. Not very conducive to growing grass, not that the chickens would let the seed stay on the ground long enough to grow. In the spring and summer it is not that big of a deal because I supplement them with extra greens from the garden. As you can see in the first two pics rain has descended upon us and will stay until Friday. This creates a mud hole and very miserable chickens.

As you can see that thought I was going to bring some more treats so they all came out of their hiding places to greet me while I took a couple of photos.

My answer to no grass in the backyard in the winter (or anytime for that matter) is sprouting seeds a couple of times a week to share with the chickens. I had some leftover seed that we currently weren't partaking in and decided the poor chickens could use it.

I purchased this seed sprouter last year and it works great.
All together I can sprout three trays at a time. Just put this together so I don't have a picture to share of the grown sprouts. In about 5-7 days I will have some very happy chickens.

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Leslie said...

You are smart to do that! Hope they grow quickly.

I wanted to encourage you to go for it in teaching a FIAR class! I have LOVED our co-ops and been doing them for years with FIAR! So much fun!