Sunday, January 27, 2013

What Our School Day Looks Like

Every day is the same. One of our cats, Fernando, is always trying to participate in anything we are doing. School work always consists of him laying on books, rubbing on your face with his body while you are trying to write, and simply causing distractions.

Next in line is puppy. Yes her name is puppy. Well, if I were to be honest, her real name is Angel, but puppy stuck and now four years later that is her name. Puppy requires lots of attention. She always wants to be in on what is happening and will nose you to death on the leg until you pick her up. Then she will lick you to death in the face and waits until you are talking or not paying attention to give you kisses in the mouth. She is a real character and I consider her my third child. School days are not complete without these two around.


Fran said...

They are so cute and I can't believe how much Grace is growing. What a beautiful young lady she is. How lovely to be able to do your school work with all your loved ones around. Best give the pets a pen and paper and see how they get on! X

Nicole said...

Yes, those needy poodles! We have three Chi Poos and their poodle side comes out often!!

Erin D said...

One of our dogs thinks she's a lap dog, but she weighs about 70 lbs. She "sneaks" up onto your lap, making most schooling impossible.