Wednesday, January 9, 2013

First Day of Cooperative

Yesterday was our first day of this semester's cooperative. Very chaotic and lots of new families on board. We have about 50-55 students this go around. Classes include Elementary and High School Choir, Elementary and High School Drama, Learning with Legos, and Elementary and High School Art. Each class is averaging around 22 - 26 students. In the above picture is my Learning with Legos class. Yesterday I had a good friend come in as a guest speaker. He actually has a dream job. He walked away from a career in ministry or education to be able to stay home (home schooling his children) with his family and do what he loves. Currently he runs a laser tag business for parties and creates his own Lego designs that sell on Ebay. Believe it or not there are tons of people around the world that have him create items that Lego doesn't. Remember in years past when trains set up in people's basements was popular, well now you have people setting up all kinds of Lego towns, etc. This is where he gets most of his business. At my church he is known by Mr. Dan. He is a great story teller and works wonders with kids. The kids really enjoyed his presentation yesterday and are looking forward to a semester filled with Lego building.

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Erin D said...

That would be such an interesting speaker to have! What a fantastic way to make a living.