Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back to the Daily Grind

Today we start back with our regular schedule. Mostly just school work. Next week actually starts all of our activities back. Grace seems very agreeable to getting back to business. We start getting bored with ourselves without some type of scheduled stuff going on. I caught up on a lot of TV watching while on break, especially since a good portion of the last two weeks were spent recovering from minor surgery then an awful respiratory infection. The Christmas holidays were good and everyone feels well rested. I am ready for the new year to begin in earnest. Looking forward to the Review Crew work to start back up also. Should receive my first product within the next week. On the exercise and weigh loss front, everything is going well. Grace has currently lost 12 pounds with only really about 8 more to reach her goal. I have lost 15 1/2 with only about 5 more to go. As a family we purchased a WII with some Christmas money and it has been a great purchase for us. I mostly wanted it for exercise. The Zumba game is a great workout and Grace is getting in a lot of her exercise time in with Just Dance. She really wants to schedule a Just Dance party with her friends in the next month or so. Maybe a sleepover/Just Dance Party with a house full of girls.

As I have mentioned before one of our favorite book series to read aloud is Percy Jackson and the new Olympian series. I just read yesterday that the next Percy Jackson movie, Sea of Monsters will be out August 2013. We are so excited. I think I might even love the series a wee bit more than Grace. One of my other fav series is Mortal Instruments and their first movie will come out in August of 2013 too. That will be a big month for me. We still haven't gone to see The Hobbit because of me not feeling well for two weeks. Really need to get that taken care of. Hubby is off Monday and Tuesday of next week, might need to try then.

Well I have rambled enough. Time to get started with the day. Hope everyone has a great 2nd day of the New Year. I will be drawing the winner of my giveaway this afternoon so be looking for the winner's name.

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Leslie said...

Wow! Starting already! You are a better woman than me. We still haven't taken down our Christmas things. Too much sickness, but hopefully we can start fresh on MOnday! Hope your week goes week!