Friday, January 18, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up - The One With Volunteer Meeting

This week for us has been jam packed with activity, school work, and exercise. I decided this week to keep a small journal page of what we did because it never fails when I still down to do this weekly wrap up my mind draws a blank.

Saturday saw us traveling 1 1/2 hours away for a volunteer meeting. This meeting was for promoting, staging, and planning the state wide home school conference for GHEA. I am very excited about being a part of the GHEA Convention. We have traveled the last five years down for the convention and enjoy every minute of it. This year I will be assisting the Vendor Hall Coordinator for Wednesday - Saturday of the conference. I will go in to all my responsibilities in a later post after I actually learn them all. Hubby and Grace did some shopping during my 2 1/2 hour meeting. They visited a big book store (us homeschoolers - just can't keep us out of a good book store), a comic book store (looking for age appropriate Anime to read - I don't really think there is any) and out to lunch. Once we got back home rested for 1-2 hours then headed over to a friends house for vegan pizza and games. Apples to Apples was the game of choice.

Sunday morning we attended church and went out to lunch afterwards. I used my Zumb Wii game in the afternoon for exercise then we went to to the funeral home in the evening for visitation. A very sweet elderly neighbor passed away this week.

Monday was lots of school, Zumba class for me and Just Dance for Grace's exercise.

Tuesday was more school plus cooperative. We are focusing a lot on Science because quite frankly we haven't studied any science in about two months. Currently we are reading a book from the library and Grace is notebooking her information.

This second week of cooperative went much smoother than the last. All classes went on like clockwork. I would say my favorite class to teach right now is Learning with Legos. The challenge this week was to build something that flies. I told them there were no limits to what they could create. They are so creative. They built: flying creatures, air planes, hot air balloons, and so much more. 

The cast list was also sent out for Aladdin and I am thrilled to report that Grace has won the role of the Genie. She is super excited.

Wednesday morning we headed out to run some errands and lunch out with a promise from Grace to go straight to work once we got home. We ate the kid meals from McDonalds and decided to splurge with each of us eating a McFlurry. This was a biggy for us because of being on Weight Watchers, etc. It tasted wonderful. Of course we won't make it a habit, just a once in a while treat. Again I used my Zumba Wii game for exercise in the afternoon and Grace used her Just Dance.

In the morning we did more Science (a new review that we are working on) and History. After lunch Grace went to her Beginner Essay Writing class with her very favorite teacher in the world and also attended the art class that follows. I don't mind her calling Ms. Christy her favorite teacher because I would think the same thing. A very fun teacher that makes learning fun. Acts of Faith practice got cancelled because of the possibility of inclement weather that never came to be. I went on to a Zumba class and Grace did whatever it is she does in her free time after dinner.

This leads us back to today. Grace got to attend her first Electricity class with another of her favorite teachers, Ms. Shannon. This Electricity class is a simulation where a Fudge Factory loses electricity and through puzzles, riddles, and investigation the students find out what went wrong then repair it to bring the power back on.

Grace has been working a lot on her art this week to get pieces ready to be juried for a festival in October. So I would say her favorite thing she used this week is her special markers made by Copic.

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Erin D said...

Way to go Grace! Congratulations on the Genie role!

Traci's Teaching Times said...

Hope Grace enjoys her art work. My DD & DS love art. I've been reading down your blog, I know you was happy to see Travous. I'm sure you also enjoyed your walk with your sister. I have two of them, but neither of them seem to get out and walk like I enjoy doing.