Monday, December 20, 2010

Life Has Returned to Normal

At least in blog land. I got my computer back yesterday. It was down about a week and a half but seemed like a life time. I know need to get back in the habit of checking my favorite blogs and writing on mine. Now time for a little catch up:

Yesterday performed in the adult musical at our church, went very well. I have always loved performing in a choir. I did it for two years in high school and for the last five or six at our church. We have a small church so normally the choir comes together just for a Christmas and Easter program. Went out to lunch after church with my sister, her family and my mother. Good time was had by all. Grace went home with my sister afterward and stayed at their house for the afternoon. Thursday was our last day of school, now on Christmas Break. So nice to just do what we want each day and not have school looming over us. Grace is over the moon that she has two weeks off from school. Travis finished up his college classes for the quarter with a B in his math class, not sure yet what his grade is in the computer class. He has had a run of bad luck lately. His car died (cracked motor) about 5 weeks ago. Decided it wasn't worth putting in the 800-1500 to get it fixed, so has been selling it for parts to various people from Ebay, craigslist and various BMW forums. Hoping to save enough money for a down payment on a new car in January. In the meantime having to use his dad's car. Luckily with Scott's new three day work week this is very doable. Travis' IPhone also died and was now out of warranty. So he had to buy a new phone also. You know young people, their cell phone is everything these days. Travis already gave me my Christmas present present, a Blackberry Curve cell phone. I had been using an ancient phone for a couple of years. Great new phone, loving it. Today planning on using a gift card to go out to lunch with Scott and Grace and do a little walking around the stores. Also getting ready to leave for our destination Christmas in a few days with the rest of our family. I should mention how great HP was about fixing my computer and getting it back to me so fast without any charges. So great to be able to watch live streaming video again without the computer overheating. On the list today is buying one of those lap pads to sit my computer on so it is not sitting on my lap all the time, which is my choice spot for working on the computer.

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