Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day Before New Year's Eve

Couldn't really think of another title, so that one will have to do. Not much went on today. Me and Grace did get out for a 40 minute walk to get us moving, that makes three days this week that we did some moving. Got to see the new piglet up the road from us, incredibly cute. Grace went to an art class this afternoon, starting a section on the basic of drawing portraits. I did go online and found to small books about drawing comics and perspective that we will add to the school day and two Bible studies. Tonight I went out with other moms from our home school group for dinner. I think we just about closed the restaurant. Lots of talking and laughing. Hubby and Travis spent all day out looking for a new car for Travis. Not alot of luck. He wants a Jeep Liberty. Travis has been without his own car for the last 7 weeks, since he broke down and became unfixable. Everyone is ready for him to get a new one. Errands to run tomorrow and more exercising. Probably going to my parents for a pizza dinner and cards. Won't be ringing in the New Year, more than likely asleep by 11:00. Hubby has to get up early and go to work on Saturday. No partying around here.

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