Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It is Getting Close

Christmas that is. Just enjoying the Holiday season around here. Yesterday Scott took us to lunch at Chili's and Grace got to use a gift card that her grandmother gave her for Christmas. Today we woke up early to help fill 1300 bags of food to be given out tomorrow to needy families. After filling the bags Grace went home with some friends and played the new Kinect game most of the morning. Me and Scott brought pizza over for lunch and we all just visited. This afternoon cleaning house, computer time and some TV watching. Also lots of baking. Something very interesting happened yesterday - our young rooster finally crowed for the first time. Very exciting. Looking forward to having baby chicks in the spring. The next two days will be very busy getting ready to go on our big Christmas adventure. More to come about the adventure. Hope everyone is having a very Merry Christmas!

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