Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Books and Things Seminar

Over the past few night I have been viewing The Books and Things Seminar from Simply Charlotte Mason. At $33.00 it is a great deal. This is the fourth seminar I have watched from Simply Charlotte Mason and it is probably my favorite. There are four discs and I spread them out over three nights so I could really let the information sink in. The seminar is broke up into four sessions: Choosing Books, Using Books, Using Things, and Four Ways to Destroy Your Child's Desire for Knowledge. Very enlightening seminar. Full of wonderful information for us CMers out there. Plus loads of encouragement. In the first session Sonya Scafer discussed Characteristics of Living Book and Finding Living Books. Second session involved How Charlotte Mason Used Books and Five Key Points. One of the most fascinating pieces of information in this session for me was learning how many books Charlotte used in a term and how many pages a day were read by each student. Session Three Consisted of discussing things other than books that we use to teach our children, such as : Physical Exercise, Handicrafts, Nature Study, Art, and items used in science experiments. Session four enlightened us in the four way a mother/teacher can squash the child's desire for learning. This is a fabulous seminar for all you CMers out there, but it is really great for anyone teaching a child. As I said before and will continue to say I would pay to watch Sonya Shafer read anything or talk about anything, she is that good.

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