Thursday, December 9, 2010

Few Changes to School Time

I have made a few changes over the past couple of days to when and how we are schooling. Over the past couple of weeks Grace was starting to take advantage of my easy going time schedule each day to get her school work finished. She started taking alot of breaks in between each subject and was not finishing until sometimes 3:00 in the afternoon. No attention to her work or desire to get items accomplished without alot of prodding from me. It was just getting unacceptable. So me being the teacher instilled a new rule that all school subjects must finished by 1:00 in the afternoon or she would loose privileges to the TV and Computer for that day. This new rule has worked wonders, today we were even finished by 12:00. With the remainder of the day to do as we wished.

One thing that really sets her back is on the days she needs to do written narration. She just despises it. So I have taken a couple of steps to help remedy this situation. I have allowed her to start typing instead of writing her narrations. This has helped a good bit. Also I ordered the tests for The Story of the World book Vol. 2 that we will be starting in January after Christmas break. We will still do written narrations, but this will alleviate some issues with comprehension issues she may be having.


The Zoo Keeper said...

Wish that would work with a certain someone in this house!

Frances said...

I think threats of losing privileges works wonders on a lot of kids. I am glad it worked in your house.

I understand Grace's dread of narratives. I have always loved writing, but end up with major hand cramps. Typing was easier, in the "olden days" and doing it on the computer is a breeze!

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