Monday, December 27, 2010


I got me some of those. Isn't this the time of year to declare your goals for the New Year? Almost afraid to mention them, setting myself up for failure. There are two main goals I want to set for the New Year:

Get Moving - Exercise has just not been at the top of mine and Grace's priority list and you can tell. Packing the pounds on to say the least. Both of us really need to get ourselves moving. I think some sort of physical activity would be good for us maybe four times a week. If we can get that established and to become a good habit we may be able to do it more.

Stop Spending - We really spend more than we should. It's not like we have electronics and stuff galore, but we do spend too much. Our biggest culprit is eating out and convenience foods from the grocery store. I would bet that we spend between 400-500 dollars each month for groceries and maybe 200.00 a month on eating out. Again we are not going to big time restaurants, mostly fast food. Not good for us and money we don't need to be spending. I really feel we should try having no spend weeks during each month. The only thing allowed will be gas for the car. Still thinking on how to accomplish this. Also want to pay down some of our debt, mostly vehicle.


Alex said...

I am glad you shared your goals. I think it makes us more accountable to do that. I hope you will be able to find a right balance. We just cleaned up our finances and for the first time have life insurance! It feels so good to have everything organized.
Do you have a wii? I find that through the winter, when we don't go outside as much, the kids and I enjoy "exercicing" with the wii. It's fun and a workout at the same time. Let me know if you want to chat more about these 2 subjects, I enjoy talking about both (

Leslie said...

Those are both great goals! You are much more likely to achieve them I've heard when you write them down and share them! Great job! Praying you find great success in both.

I haven't yet set goals, but should definitely do that too. Thanks for the encouragement!


The Zoo Keeper said...

LOL! I thought your post title was "GoaTs"! I thought you were adding goats to the chickens! I'm with you on both accounts. We're the world's worst at the food thing. I'll have food and then "someone" won't like what's in the pantry.