Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Auditions Complete

The audition for our highly anticipated Alice In Wonderland Musical are complete. Over Monday and Tuesday we auditioned 30 students for various parts. Each student was to come prepared with a song to sing and a monologue or poem to recite. Some students were prepared more than others. Some had done the auditioning process before and others this was the first time. Each student also had to tell us three parts they were interested in and we would try to place them in one of their favorites. It was hard. Nobody wanted to be Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. All the girls wanted to be either the Queen of Hearts, Medium Alice or Caterpiller. The drama director and myself were the deciding votes, except for medium Alice. Grace mainly wanted the medium Alice role and I let the director decide on her own for that one. Didn't want any favoritism/bias going on. I am pleased to say that Grace was very prepared for her audition. She chose to sing Gary Indiana from The Music Man and her poem was The Crocodile by Lewis Carroll. She nailed both of them. When I came home last night I was able to tell Grace that she did indeed get the part of medium Alice. The director not only thinks she will be great at the part but she was very complementary of Grace because she always knows her lines and is very dependable. Now we get a few weeks off and then start the grueling process of preparation again on Jan. 10th. The performances won't be until April for Alice.

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