Friday, October 9, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up - The Week of Canceling

This week was kind of different. As a Cooperative director sometimes crazy items pop up that you have to handle. This week that crazy items was lice. The joy of working with kids - right. Luckily so far me and Grace have escaped the diagnosis of lice, but at least 7 kids in the Cooperative did not. This meant shutting down the Cooperative for a week, treating the area we hold classes, and asking all the students to be treated as well. Even though we got a clean bill of health, we still treated to be on the safe side. This meant my tutoring students stayed home this week as well because they are also Cooperative students. I sent home all of their work so that we didn't miss any days.
With all the extra time on my hands I caught up on a lot of Cooperative work and planning lessons for the next few weeks. Today I have a meeting with my Co - Director to plan the next session of Cooperative that will begin in January. Lots of new classes like God Rods from Salt and Light Ministry, Tone Chimes, and the big Spring Musical.

I also worked a ton on all the review products making sure I have them all set to use Monday - Wednesday of next week since we missed so much time this week.
Grace went to her hybrid classes and came home with a bit of homework to accomplish by Tuesday. She also started her voice lessons and is super excited about it. Grace plans on fine tuning her audition songs during these scheduled visits and learning more about stretching her voice to new levels. Scott and Grace played tennis two nights this week for exercise and enjoyment. She was considering going vegetarian for animal cruelty reasons, but after much consideration doesn't think she could follow through with it. I think instead we are looking more at the purchase choices we make in the meat department.
I talked to the private school Grace wishes to attend next year for her Senior year trying to work out in my head how it will work, not only financially, but also finishing up the credits she needs to graduate.
Tonight is a high school football game and tomorrow is the Big Red Apple Festival (although rain is in the forecast ).
And of course the picture that represents much of the week for us. Worry over lice infestation. Finding the right products to use. Looking forward to the next two weeks being over with and back to normal.
I almost forgot. I did get good news this week. When I had my echo done about 5 weeks ago for the high blood pressure diagnosis they inadvertently found a spot on my liver that needed to be checked with an abdominal ultrasound. My doctor told me originally he didn't feel I needed to worry and it didn't need to be done right away. Last week I had the ultrasound and they found two benign cysts on my liver. Believe it or not you can have cysts on any of your internal organs. No worries all is good. That was a load off of my mind.

Weekly Wrap-Up


Melissa N. said... heck of a week sorry!

Next week will be better, I pray!

Unknown said...

Glad you're ok. What are you doing for the spring musical? Oh, and tell Grace I'm rooting for her to become a vegetarian :)