Sunday, October 18, 2015

Living in a Small Town - Gold Rush Days

The Northeast Georgia Mountains area is made up of many small towns. All with interesting stories, festivals, activities, and people. Living in a smaller town is such a joy - everyone knows each other and it just feels different. Sometimes I do miss all the restaurant and shopping choices as well as cultural experiences that the big city holds, but I wouldn't trade our little spot for anything.
Yesterday we set off to Dahlonega, about 45 minutes from our home and town, to attend Gold Rush Days. You see Dahlonega was a gold rush town and is a big tourist attraction for Georgians. Not to mention the area is stunning, especially this time of the year with fall foliage.

This festival is a big one. I'm quite sure there were easily 20,000 people in attendance yesterday. Also the dogs. We counted at least 130.

One of the main reasons we attend each year is Grace's boyfriend is in the marching band and they were marching in the parade. This parade requires grabbing a good spot early and staying put. I'm talking 1 1/2 - 2 hours early.

I did bring a book along to read during the wait and actually finished it.

Vendors of all kinds were present for the festival. My favorites were vendors of homemade food, candy, spice mixes, etc.

Most of the day was spent with these two nerds (I express that in the mostly loving way). Last Gold Rush Days was their first date (supervised by me of course), so this was kind of an anniversary for them.

We topped the evening off with a fabulous dinner at a local Italian restaurant that we will definitely be revisiting. Great local charm and the food was to die for. After dinner we headed over to the local high school to watch the drama kids perform The Glass Menagerie. Great acting - but sad play. All in all very great fall day to be outside - a 13 hour day that sent me to bed as soon as we arrived home.

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Karen said...

Dahlonega was one of my Mom and Dad's favorite towns. They went there so often. I have never been. It looks like a great day. The Glass Menagerie is so sad. But I would love to see it performed.